My rules for trading or selling:


1. If you don't want to trade but have cards on my want list I will gladly pay for the cards, just send me your offer.

2. Usually I trade Regulars for Regulars, SP for SP, and so on. But a trade does not have to be from the same set. There may also be some exceptions from the Reg/Reg, SP/SP rule. If we both feel the trade is equal and are happy other rates are also fine with me ;)

3.Generally I prefer trading, but I will also sell regular cards from some collections. Regulars that I am willing to sell are marked in red color. They  are 1 each. Complete / almost complete / incomplete Reg set and sealed trading card packs can be traded or bought. If you want to buy a  Reg set or trading card pack feel free to send an offer.

4. Complete or incomplete regular card sets are for trade with other complete or incomplete regular card sets or for sell.

5. Specials, Box card, Promo cards on my trade list are for trade only; except you make an so incredible, extraordinary good offer which I can not deny. ^_~

6. When we are trading both of us have to make sure that the condition of the card is told correctly and the cards will be packed well for shipping.

So if you are ok with these rules and want to trade, sell or buy contact me:

trading (at) asaziel (dot) de